Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Blogging vs. Life & A Giveaway Winner

Good Morning Beauties!

I have official reached my busy time of the year, seriously! This time of year is always so bitter sweet, trying to balance blogging and life. November and December are always busy months for me, not just because of the holidays coming. Work always seems to come in triple amounts, leaving me super busy during the day non-stop. That means no time for bloggy lunch breaks, which leaves me super sad!

Then of course we have the Holidays coming up, which normally means I have to squeeze in some shopping and craft time to make gifts. All in the middle of being busy on the weekends with weddings and hubby's photography shoots.

So, I apologize now! My posts will not be daily during the next two months like they normally are. I do promise once the crazysauce days calm, we will return to normal daily activity! hehe :)

Speaking of activity, Who is ready to find out the winner for the 10 piece sampler from Gourmet Grassfed?

If you haven't read their amazing guest posts you can check them out HERE and HERE!

Congratulations Joanna!

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I will email you for your mailing address soon and Gourmet Grassfed will send out your jerky!

Questions For You:

Does life seem to get hectic for you around this time of the year?

How do you balance blogging and life when you are super busy?


  1. This is a busy time of year for me too, so I can totally understand needing to slow down a little bit with blogging. In fact, I may be doing that myself. We'll see...

    1. Ok, it's not just me then! hehe I have to remind myself it's ok to slow down sometimes! I always feel so bad when I can't post on the blog everyday : /

  2. I try to remember that I use the blog to document my life but my life should not be the blog. The second I feel like I've crossed the line is when I realize it's time to cut back!

    1. Such a great way to put it Davida! Thank you for that, makes me put it in perspective better! : )


  3. It's a busy time of year for me too... school stuff and assignments are coming to a head soon, plus I'm working on getting registered for next semester... ugh. Hang in there girly!! Sometimes the blog needs to take a backseat, even though we don't want it to. ;)

  4. Don't forget to take care of yourself! We all have busy times - some of us all the time! lol - so blog when you can and don't when you can't! Someone once told me that everyone will be here waiting when you come back - and we will!! :)

  5. Life is definitely hectic right now, and I know it won't slow down for a while. Blogging during this time of year is new for me ( I started in January) but I am working on some ways to try and make it easier...with the biggest being planning posts ahead of time and writing ahead if I can.